2018 Ezgo TXT Elite Lithium-Powered

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Brand new lithium battery technology from Ezgo!

Zero maintenance batteries! Samsung SDI lithium batteries don’t require watering, terminal post checkups and cleaning like lead acid batteries.

Unprecedented 5-year warranty!  Unlimited amp-hour warranty.

Elite series vehicles have Samsung lithium cells that are loaded into a single battery pack.  By tapping into this cutting-edge technology, they use less energy, charge in half the time and require less out-of-wall power than leading lead acid competitors. Lithium systems also weigh 300 lbs lighter than lead acid battery systems.

The most noticeable difference of lithium technology is a reliable power source that doesn’t fade over time. Whether it’s a new or five-year-old vehicle, Elite vehicles will give you all the acceleration and hill-climbing you could ever want.

This amazing cart features the 3.0 configuration supplying 90 amp/hours.  Call for info or stop by to test drive.

Item# 6784

Upgraded wheel set featured in photos for promotional purposes only